Capitalism Is Dead…

… and the corpse is decomposing. We have replaced capitalism with corporate totalitarianism and have a government that is heading that way as well. Considering the current state of political affairs, many question whether the USA can hold on to its democracy. Our wealthy elite are increasingly controlling governmental systems, and have played their part in democracy’s decline, but the workforce is fighting back.

Workers are tired of celebrating a system that sees wages get lower and lower while the executive management makes 7-8 figure bonuses. Workers are tired of paying ever increasing taxes while the wealthiest pay zero. They are tired of women making less than men. They are tired of “salaries” that abuse overtime laws. They are tired of being coerced into becoming “independent contractors” so their employers don’t have to pay taxes or provide benefits. They are tired of being a health crisis away from bankruptcy. They are tired of getting guilt tripped about taking accumulated vacation and sick time. They are tired of HR departments that behave more like prison guards. They are tired of companies that rob the elderly of their retirement and prey on people with health conditions. They are tired of employers that verbally abuse teenage workers. They are tired of the constant barrage of unethical business practices and greed.

As consumers, when we give our money to corporations that exploit workers and drive out small business, we help our society’s decline. We are padding the pockets of people who are already disgustingly bloated with their excesses. They have created a system where we are dependent on them because they have eliminated the competition. They think they have us where they want us, so now they’re trying to strangle us with their inflated prices even while making record profits. We are dangerously close to becoming their slave class and the comforts of generations past, wiped out.

The United States needs more privately owned small businesses, but only if they can pay a living wage. If that means consumers have to adjust their expectations of what and how much that business offers them in products and services, so be it. We want our neighbor to succeed in their efforts to build our community.

Workers want hard work to be rewarded. A living wage. Training. Family time. They want employers who respect them as human beings. They want to work hard and build up their companies because of mutual respect and advancement. They want to work with employers that value their input and compensate them accordingly. They want to like their boss. Employers don’t like jerks and neither does anyone else.

YES, WORKERS WANT… It is not selfish or narcissistic to believe employees should be compensated and respected for their efforts. A sense of self-worth and family preservation are not bad things. We are a nation of people that have become severely depressed because of our lack of kindness, compassion and fairness combined with constant financial burden. Guess what? The workforce has some power. The labor shortage is proof of that. They’ve picked themselves up, dusted off, and are ready for one hell of a fight. C’mon USA give us something to be proud of again. #LivingWage #EqualPay #UpwardMobilityForAll


When we explain why we are hurting, the next word should never be “but”

When employers don’t pay a living wage, they create homelessness

When we call people vicious names, we indict ourselves

When good people stay silent, evil prospers

When evil people yell, it’s important to state the truth softly so people lean in to listen

When we worship religion, we reject God

When we don’t tax the rich, the middle class disappears

When we create a system that prevents medical care, we become a sick society

When we commit violence, we guarantee its survival

When we proliferate war, we destroy our world

When people say they’re going to kill themselves, believe them

When people say they’re telling the truth, fact check

When we pollute, we doom our descendants

When we embrace discrimination, no one is safe

When we hate, we become a people unworthy of redemption

When we’re not prepared to sacrifice, we kill progress

When we refuse to compromise, little of value gets done

When the truth is subjective, it becomes worthless.